Welcome to Course ON-LINE

Welcome to Course ON-LINE, the course homepage management system of Işık University.  You will find online resources of the lectures of Işık University in this system. You may navigate through all courses' homepages using the menu links. You may need to login to the system in order to reach some of the facilities.

Attention to Course ON-LINE Users !!!

All User Passwords of Course ON-LINE and other ON-LINE family tools are made  CASE SENSITIVE.
Please ensure that you enter your password regarding this.

Course ON-LINE Highlights

 Instructors can:

 >> Manage and edit course syllabi
 >> Upload and announce new assignments and collect assignment files
 >> Supply course materials easily
 >> Supply links to different web resources
 >> Make course announcements
 >> Send batch e-mails to your course participants
 >> Announce grades of homeworks, projects or exams
 >> Open and manage course based forums

 Students can:

 >> View course syllabus
 >> View assignments and upload assignment files
 >> Reach to instructors' course materials
 >> Reach to course base web resources supplied by instructors.
 >> View course announcements
 >> View grades of homeworks, projects or exams
 >> View and participate to the course based forums

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Course ON-LINE is integrated with Online Student Information and Registration System IŞIK UNIVERSITY